Paleo Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies Vegan-Gluten Free-Grain Free-Refined Sugar Free-Oil Free-Paleo C is for Cookie!!! And that is good enough for me!  As lockdown presses on, baking for your loved ones, or your lovely self, seems inevitable. I always feel better eating whole foods, however I absolutely love an afternoon tea and biscuit. This is one… Continue reading Paleo Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies


Mini Coconut Cheezecakes

Mini Coconut Cheezecakes Vegan-Gluten Free-Nut Free-Refined Sugar Free Oh Haaaiiiii!!! We are so excited to post our FIRST EVER recipe share. As we set to publish this, it is a stinking hot July afternoon. The idea of turning the oven on makes ya melt! No fears m’dears; enter the no-bake mini cheezecakes. Already perfectly portioned… Continue reading Mini Coconut Cheezecakes